Social Media Consultant

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Everybody has heard of these sites. Everybody. However, no longer are they just a tool for interaction amongst friends, catching up with lost contacts or generally wasting away the hours. They have evolved, they are now the perfect medium to promote your company and services.

My freelance Social and Search Marketing Consultancy will enable you and your business to benefit from years of online marketing experience and expertise, giving you the answers you need to progress in the online world.

With Social Media constantly evolving and developing there is often a lot of uncertainly amongst webmasters and website owners as to what is the best strategy to follow to enable online success in particular industries. There may not be a requirement to take on an agency for a long term contract, but the need to have questions answered and to be able to discuss your on line strategy with a true expert exists.

I have worked in online marketing online since 2001 in a professional capacity in web development and search engine optimisation As the industry has developed i have specialised in Social Media utilising online tools and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and Linkedin to understand and adapt these evolving mediums for business purposes.

This revolves around understanding and educating businesses to their potential uses, integration of these mediums into business models or for specific promotional campaigns, utilising these mediums for sales, support and enquiries while simultaneously increasing company profile interaction and reaction, via brand monitoring, to opinions, statements and the voice of the crowd who actively and frequently shape the various formats of the social media environment for maximum effect and response.

Due to the diverse nature of social media it requires a careful understanding of the etiquette required in order to progress in this sphere, ensuring that a positive effect is generated and maintained over the long term.

500 million people use social networking sites. FIVE HUNDERED MILLION. Now is the time to promote your business to that ready made audience.

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