Freelance PPC Training

Have you ever considered training in PPC but do not have the time to learn online? Maybe you have made some expensive mistakes? Need to train employees in PPC? Then my in-house PPC training is the perfect solution.

I come to you – A cost-effective, convenient way to earn PPC!

My PPC workshops are individually tailored to ensure i provide the most effective coaching to your in-house team and the different level of current abilities. I will, where possible, endeavour to use your actual PPC campaign(s) in order to maximise relevance and experience.

Typical key areas for inclusion include:

  • Campaign research: identifying which terms have the greatest PPC potential and are best suited your budget; often niche term analysis is of great benefit
  • Campaign structure: ensure your PPC campaign is conducive to ease of management
  • Ad copy: ensure your adverts have impact and engender a good clickthrough rate
  • Search engine differentiation: guidance regarding the key differences between the major PPC engines
  • Ongoing campaign assessment: how to measure the campaign’s effectiveness, identify which amendments are needed, apply testing, etc and so work towards maximizing your ROI
  • Understand the different keyword match type settings and which ones to select
  • Discover insider tips on how to develop an optimal Google AdWords bidding strategy
  • Recognise what makes a good Google AdWords landing page and how to test its effectiveness
  • Understand Google’s Quality score and how to ensure your keywords get the highest score possible

Tailored PPC training documentation is provided to back up the workshops. These detail all the areas addressed during the training and also provide a FAQ’s section.

At the end of the one/two day training (dependent on current abilities) you will be knowledgeable and confident to manage your own PPC campaign.

Please contact me today for further information.